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2011 Best of NH chips and salsa

2009 Best of NH Editor's Pick



“One word sir…knockout!! I have never tasted a fresher, snappier and ultimately more delicious salsa…period! And your sweet pepper dip…sorry can’t talk…mouth full of tasty Mitchells goodness.”
“I live in Wesport and I look forward to coming to Lake Winnipisaukee every year to get your salsa (hot) at Moultonboro Farms. I’d love to have access year round!!”
“I am so thrilled that I decided to try the sample of your pineapple salsa at the Meat House in North Andover, MA. I purchased it because I LOVED IT! I have been eating it with everything. With chips, on chicken and on steak, by itself!!!!! I am hooked! Keep up the good work.”
“This week I tried the Pineapple Salsa, great stuff. I usually buy two each week. One mild and one hot and my wife mixes them together. You folks have hit on the perfect recipe. Now I don’t have to rely on a family member to make. Nothing is quite as good as yours. The ‘factory’ salsas can’t even come close.”
“I wanted to send you many thanks for creating such a wonderful salsa! I bought a container at The Barn Store yesterday after sampling it. Please don’t ever stop making such a fantastic experience! As long as I can find it to purchase you will have me as a customer!!”
“Okay, I’m back in California now and where are you? You’re still back east and I’m having hunger pains for your products. Hum, I can almost taste that wonderful Salsa and that do die for Artichoke Dip. Oh Help! How can I get some shipped to me???”
“OMG! I just bought your Blue Caesar from the Meat House in Scarborough. It was the best!!! We put it on the burgers, then I just put it on my salad. I had to take the time to tell you that was amazing!! Thank you.”
"Your products are delicious! You have a following from me and I have been telling ALL my friends so you'll be busy very soon!! I live in Henniker, but I will be traveling to Concord for your products now!" -Susan
"I am the person that bought your very first bag of chips on Thursday at the Concord Co-op. Just wanted to let you know I'm sold. The chips are great, not too salty, really crunchy and they don't turn into a mess of crumbs in the bottom of the bag. The Artichoke Dip is to die for, especially when you heat it up. I should have bought more than one bag because we ate more than half of it in the car on the way home. Keep up the good work!" -Chris
"Excellent Salsa." -Sylvie
"Hello, your Artichoke Dip is wonderful! My husband just brought home a container of it for the company we are having tonight. I ate ¾ of it!! He's on his way back to the store right now for more!! He also brought home the Salsa which is excellent also! Thanks for great products.
"I just had my first taste of your salsa at Terra Cotta in South Portland last Wednesday. So far, I've been back twice for more tubs. Thank you for making the most amazing salsa on the planet. I used to be hooked on ------- Salsa, but yours is far better." -Christine
"I have just finished a container of your Sweet Pepper Dip (BRAVO!), and I am looking forward to trying your other products." -Rich

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